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Backpacks for Photographers

Backpacks for Photographers

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, a backpack for photographers is a good thing to have when you want to carry lots of camera gear and have easy access to it. These packs protect your gear from damage and allow you to organize your gear so that it doesn’t get jumbled up like it would in a regular backpack.

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But how do you find the right camera bag for you? Is there a backpack for photographers that fits everyone? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are a lot of situations and circumstances that might make one kind of pack better than others, and that is why you should consider your subject, location and activity during the following scenarios.

City photography: Backpacks for Photographers

If you are planning on shooting in the city for example in street photography, you might want a backpack for photographers designed to offer mobility and quick access to gear.

There are packs that have easy side access so that you do not have to take off your bag to reach into your camera. These bags are also designed to keep your gear safe from prying hands with features such as a hatchback cover, a flipside feature or a low-key design that easily blends in.

Backpacks for city photography should also have special compartments for special connectivity equipment such as laptops or tablets to help you have access to these devices on your photography ventures.

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Outdoor photography

If you are more into outdoor, nature and wildlife photography, you might need to carry longer and bigger lenses so that you do not disturb the natural behavior of your subjects. That means that you need a Backpacks for Photographers with added straps to secure the bag to your body with the extra weight of the large lenses.

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These packs also allow you to carry food or water supplies in one compartment for long treks. They also have room for other personal items aside from the camera and gear to better accommodate your needs while camping without having to carry an extra bag. They can often carry sleeping bags, tents and other outdoor necessities in one pack without it being cumbersome.

Backpacks for Photographers also built to withstand rough weather and rough use since you will be spending your time outdoors. They can be waterproof, scratch proof and have extra cushioning to protect your gear from being accidentally dropped.

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Vacation photography

Versatility is the key when choosing the right backpack for photographers when traveling or on vacation. That is because you need your bag to adapt to different situations and locations while you’re taking photographs.

You should be able to carry personal items as well as your photo gear on one pack. These types of bags can very easily double as a personal bag anytime you need it to, and can adapt to almost any situation you are in.

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When traveling, you will probably want to keep your camera close by at all times. When traveling by plane, you don’t want to have to check in your precious camera and gear. That is why you want a backpack that can fit easily in the cabin compartment so that you don’t need to part with it while in the air.

You can find a bag that can carry everything you need without being too bulky so you can check it in on a flight and cause potential damage to your expensive gear.

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Type and level of activity

For highly active photographers such as sports or adventure photographers, you will need something that will not hamper your movement or weigh you down. A light backpack for photographers of this kind is very advantageous. You will not get tired of your activity because of the weight of your pack. It is usually compact and easy to carry and can weigh next to nothing.

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If you are in a calmer photography setting such as on a set, you might need something that can pack all of the extensive gear that you may need. Look for a backpack that can easily fit a tripod, different lenses of different sizes and a full camera kit.

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