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FeatherTouch Leather Camera DSLR Travel Bag

Your gear says as much about you as your service. In a competitive industry such as photography, your reputation is vital. You can make an additional impact by adding style to your gear. This can all be done by the FeatherTouch Leather Camera DSLR travel bag.

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In one word, this bag is “stunning.” This doesn’t only relate to the exceptional look; you’ll find it practical as well. It’s the classic leather shoulder bag made dynamic for photographers. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, this bag may even inspire you to take your camera everywhere so you can get more practice. What’s so great about this product?

FeatherTouch Leather Camera DSLR Travel Bag

FeatherTouch Genuine Leather Camera Bag Messenger Bag Camera Case Leather Bag Dslr Padded Camera Bag 15X10X6 Inches Brown

FeatherTouch Genuine Leather Camera Bag Messenger Bag Camera Case Leather Bag Dslr Padded Camera Bag 15X10X6 Inches Brown

The FeatherTouch Leather Camera DSLR travel bag is made of cow leather which is a better option than buffalo leather which tends to be heavier. When you’re carrying heavy photography gear you don’t want to be weighed down by the bag itself.

Despite using cow leather, the bag is rather stiff. This affords protection but does prevent you squeezing additional items inside. The leather won’t give way much—especially at the beginning—so you may find it doesn’t want to close if it’s too full.

There’s a heavy duty lining that will stay in good condition, even with regular use. The material doesn’t scratch so you know your lenses are safe.

Brass buckles keep the bag closed. There are also brass zippers. Take care that these don’t scratch your equipment when you remove your items.

Make sure the bag offers you everything you need in a bag. You know what items you take along during a photography session. Will this suffice?

  • The bag measures 12”x 9”x 5”
  • The inside can be customized with dividers fixed to the bag by Velcro
  • There are various pouches on the inside of the bag for:
  • Pens
  • Smartphone
  • Personal items
  • SD cards
  • It’s specifically designed for DSLR cameras


  • Looks professional
  • Two methods of carrying: shoulder strap or handle
  • Customizable interior can be set up for unique preferences
  • Lighter than buffalo leather products
  • Design suits male and female fashion
  • Large enough for iPad


  • The tanning substance used results in a strong smell that must air out first; tanning substance leaves residue on clothes during first few uses
  • Very tight fit so you can’t put in too many additional items
  • Only holds one lens
  • No outside pockets to keep items close at hand
  • Shoulder strap lacks padding for comfort
  • Too small to hold laptops


The biggest drawback about the FeatherTouch Leather Camera DSLR travel bag is the fact that there aren’t any compartments on the outside. If this isn’t a priority for you you’ll love it. 

If you’re looking for a stylish gear bag, this product is your solution. It’s even the ideal size for travel and long photography sessions. The classic design is enough to inspire any artist.


What cameras can you use this for?

The bag is spacious, and any camera can be carried in this bag. Though it’s specifically for a DSLR camera, you can modify it to fit almost any size lens you need. For example, you can have a camera whose body is 55-250 mm and has an attachment lens of 18-55 mm.

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Leather vs. canvas

Leather and canvas travel bags are both great to have. Your personal preferences will determine which one is perfect for you. Here are some facts to help you decide.

The advantages to having a leather bag include:

  • Leather bags are of a higher quality
  • Pure leather bags are long lasting
  • They are tougher and won’t easily rip
  • It doesn’t discolor into horrible colors. When the bag fades it enriches the color—and character—of the bag
  • You can clearly see how leather bags are perfect to travel with
  • That doesn’t mean canvas bags are irrelevant:
  • They’re of a light to a medium weight.
  • Their styles are more versatile. You can find one of a color and design that suits your personality.
  • They’re easier to maintain. All you need to do is put it in the washing machine.
  • There are many inexpensive products. Take care not to compromise on quality
  • Many canvas bags allow you to add carry pouches according to your requirements
  • The downside to having a canvas bag is that it’s not always waterproof

How to care for a leather bag

Yes, leather bags can last for generations. This proves how durable leather is. You must maintain them because animal skin can dry, stain, crack and warp. There are two leather bag treatment options you can use.

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Polish maintains the aesthetic shine you want on the bag. It doesn’t necessarily protect the bag from the weather elements. Some polish products have moisturizing elements. This helps prevent the bag from drying or cracking.

Conditioner or cream

Leather conditioners or creams prevent the material from drying or cracking, but it doesn’t make the bag shine like polish. There are some conditioners or creams that have components which give the leather bag the waterproof quality you need as a photographer.

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How to pack for long trips

Cameras are expensive and it would be a misfortune if they were damaged while in transit. Unfortunately, even your camera’s travel bag can’t protect your camera and lenses against all eventualities. To avoid any unnecessary damage, you can follow these tips.

  • Disassemble everything. You don’t want parts grinding against each other and wearing out
  • Use sufficient padding for all the fragile items
  • Keep the camera as carry-on luggage instead of putting it in an airplane’s cargo hold. This way you can monitor the bag and make sure it’s not thrown around by staff
  • Pack wipes and cleaning supplies. If you do need to clean your gear you want the correct items on hand
  • Don’t over pack. Pack one or two lenses that offer great versatility. It’s easier to carry and look after fewer items.

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